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How Pfizer's Trials Were Fraudulent

• by Dr. Joseph Mercola

A person known as "Pfizer subject C4591001 1162 11621327" died three days after receiving the second dose of Pfizer's COVID shot, reportedly due to stroke and arteriosclerosis; it was deemed unrelated to the shots

The CDC has since warned that people ages 65 and older who received Pfizer's updated (bivalent) COVID-19 booster shot may be at increased risk of stroke

Die Welt also revealed contradictions in Pfizer documents, adverse events from the shot downplayed and mass unblinding of study subjects, which wasn't revealed in a later approval study

In November 2020, Pfizer claimed their COVID-19 shot was 95% effective against COVID-19, but this was highly misleading and based on flawed methodology, including excluding people who got COVID-19 within 14 days after their first shot

Pfizer has profited immensely despite the concerns, earning a record $100 billion in 2022, including $37.8 billion for its COVID-19 shots and $18.9 billion for its antiviral drug Paxlovid

Details continue to emerge about coverups and fraud that took place during Pfizer's COVID-19 shot trials. Die Welt, a mainstream media outlet in Germany, revealed that numerous subjects who suffered adverse events, including deaths, were removed from the trial data.1,2

Meanwhile, trial data were manipulated "to create the illusion" the shot is 90% effective, for instance by excluding participants who got injected and developed COVID-19 within the next 14 days.3 Taken together, it leaves little doubt that COVID-19 shots cannot be trusted.