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Prigozhin Addressed Zelensky, Calling To Allow Withdrawal From Bakhmut


After numerous units of the Ukrainian army were destroyed in the heavy battles, the Ukrainian garrison in Bakhmut was reinforced by untrained mobilized servicemen, including the elderly and children. In his video, Prigozhin showed Ukrainian POWs calling on their president to let them leave the city and return home to their families. The video also confirms that an old Ukrainian man and two teenagers captured by Wagner fighters were treated well in the captivity.

"I appeal to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky. <…> If earlier the professional Ukrainian army used to fight with us, today we see more and more old people and children. They fight, but their life in Bakhmut is short, a day or two. Give them the opportunity to leave the city, the city is actually surrounded," said the founder of Wagner.

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