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Mass Protests In Europe Against Ukraine War - Critical Mass?

• by daniel mcadams

 Also today, David Stockman writes on Biden's desire for nine more Ukraines! Finally: What did the "experts" get right about Covid? Watch today's Liberty Report...

The people who run D.C. are quick to inform us that Vladimir Putin is an all powerful dictator. He is the second coming of Hitler, they say, adding that "Putler" has plans to march through Europe and exterminate any resistance to his path across the continent.

The Blob also informs us, using their incredible strategic wisdom, that Russia is a weak paper tiger, and the humble army of Ukraine is well-positioned to defeat the clumsy Russian bear, pending a couple more fancy toys from Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed and friends.

Despite Putin's 80-plus percent approval rating in Russia, our legislators and thinkers have determined that he must be defeated at all costs, even by means of a foreign liquidation event. Russia only has a mere 6,000 nuclear warheads, and there are plenty in the Kremlin who would take a much more aggressive anti-West stance than Putin. What could possibly go wrong, anyway?