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Video: MSNBC Talking Head Calls GOP "Front For A Terrorist Organisation"

• by Steve Watson

MSNBC extremist contributor Jason Johnson declared Thursday that the Republican Party no longer exists and that it is now just a front for a terrorist organisation.

Johnson made the comments during a discussion centred on the release of previously unseen footage from the January 6th Capitol incident.

House Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy's provided the unreleased security camera footage to Fox News host Tucker Carlson, immediately triggering the far left.

Johnson commented on the move, stating "I'm not being incendiary when I say this, I've been saying this for a long time… There is no Republican Party. They're a dime store front for a terrorist organization."

"You took an investigation into a federal attack, an attack on our federal government, and gave it to a journalist who is a supporter of terrorism," Johnson charged, adding "This is dangerous."

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Comment by PureTrust
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What!?!? Now people think that the GOP is a front for the Biden Administration? This joker has apparently has been mixed up for quite some time.

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