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West's bet on neo-Nazis in Ukraine, failed sanctions and key nuke deal suspension:


The Russian leader did not mince his words as he outlined tensions with the West during an address to parliament

Russia attempted to peacefully resolve the issues involving Ukraine after 2014, but Western leaders were secretly preparing a completely different scenario, President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday during his address to the Federal Assembly, the country's main legislative body.

Speaking to both chambers of parliament as well as senior officials and public figures, the Russian leader touched on a variety of key topics during a speech lasting almost two hours.  

From the military operation in Ukraine to economic and social issues, here is a recap of what the president said.

World should not be divided

Russia not only intends to firmly protect its own interests, but also its belief that the modern world should not be divided into "civilized countries" and "all the rest," Putin said. He stressed the need for close partnerships without exceptionalism or resorting to aggression.  

The president insisted that Moscow remains open to constructive dialogue with the West, and continues to call for a united and fair global security system. However, Putin claimed that instead of cooperating, the West has only issued a muddled response and hidden behind the umbrella of NATO, which continues to expand its borders towards Russia while American military bases spread throughout the world.