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There Is Fire In Our Crowded Theater

• by Adam Gaertne

Up to two and a half million gallons of one of the most toxic substances known to man have been released into the air, water and soil of the Eastern Seaboard, and are presently making their way south and east. Acid rain, which in this case is hydrochloric acid mixed with concentrated, unburned vinyl chloride, has (so far) been reported in every direction:

West: 400 miles west to Lafayette (probably further)

North: 1200 miles north up to Durham, Canada;

East: 1200 miles east to NYC and Boston today more

South: 800 miles southwest to Kentucky so far

Vinyl chloride is water-soluble, takes months to degrade in soil or water (the Camp Lejeune spill was just a few thousand gallons), boils at 8F, and its metabolites absolutely maul DNA: safe exposures are considered to be in the parts per billion ("Standards"), and we're talking about parts per million exposure likely coming for everybody east of the Mississippi.

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