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A Word To The Church

• by Wins

Things seem to be changing rapidly in the west. There is, finally and thankfully, increasing push back against the mainstreamed 'woke' ideology. During this period of change, people have to keep their heads and also remember who lead them in to this mess to begin with.

Something which has troubled me since this began has been the weak stance of the mainstream Christian church regarding these issues. Having been in the church for some time this isn't surprising to me, but it is nevertheless a worry. To clarify, when I say 'mainstream Christianity', I am referring to the modern iterations of Christianity popular in America and the west. There were many Christians within these groups who did speak out or at least stand firmly, but these brave individuals - or should I say believers - unfortunately make up but a fraction of a percent of the modernist church. I see that a good deal of this "modern Church" has become most unhinged in its addressing of social issues, as its followers seem to have no proper grounding. Of course, there is also massive compromise within the Catholic church, and even amongst the Orthodox, but the greatest reach in modern America comes from the mainstream churches, and thus these churches need to be addressed first and foremost.