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Dr. Eric Nepute: Biden regime ending COVID public health emergency in May...

•, by: Kevin Hughes

St. Louis-based chiropractor Dr. Eric Nepute remarked that the Biden administration ending the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) public health emergency will have no effect on the emergency use authorizations (EUAs) for the COVID-19 vaccines.

He put forward this claim during the Feb. 7 episode of "Real Talk with Dr. Eric Nepute" on Brighteon.TV. Nepute welcomed the move, saying that times are changing and even doctors are agreeing with the sentiment that the American people are already done with the pandemic. However, he doesn't think the craziness surrounding COVID-19 will conclude after the emergency is ended.

Nepute cited a report by the New York Post stating that the Biden administration will end the COVID-19 emergency on May 11. According to a Jan. 30 Administrative Procedure Act sent to congress, the White House plans to further extend both the COVID-19 national emergency and public health emergency until the May 11 deadline and lift both on that day.

But the chiropractor pointed out that the EUA for the vaccines will remain in place. According to him, Americans should be asking why the supposedly "safe and effective" COVID-19 vaccines are not getting off the EUA and why authorities do not plan to fully license and approve these. Nepute said this all boils down to a liability issue.

"They don't want the 15 plus million people that have shown deaths and injuries after getting these shots to have a clear path to be able to come and litigate. The PREP Act, the CARES Act and the [EUA] have shielded the government's doctors and the pharmaceutical industries from liability. They don't want to accept liability," he said.