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REVEALED: Super Bowl LVII is set to bring in $600m for Arizona...


The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles are vying for supremacy in the biggest game in football this weekend - but it could be a different city that is the real winner.

The eyes of a nation, and the world, are descending on Glendale, Arizona, and with that global attention comes opportunity. The host city has the chance to put itself on the map, but most importantly for the area, the game is a huge vessel to generate wealth.

Incredibly, Phoenix is expecting a $600million windfall from the upcoming Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium this Sunday.

Last year, the Los Angeles Rams triumphed in their own city over the Cincinnati Bengals in the most recent Super Bowl LVI - making it a double win for LA, in terms of both sporting and commercial success. 

While exact figures aren't available, Micronomics Economic Research and Consulting estimated Inglewood and the LA area reported anywhere from $234m to $447m could have been generated for the economy. Similarly, jobs were estimated to be boosted anywhere between 2,200 and 4,700. 

Despite playing in the NFL's only COVID-era Super Bowl, Tampa Bay's economy received a welcome shot in the arm in 2021, with a 92 percent hotel occupancy and $14m in revenue from hotels alone.

On Super Bowl Sunday two years ago, the city had the busiest airport in the world with a near-250 percent increase at Tampa International. Its stadium audience was capped at a third of its capacity due to pandemic regulations with only 22,000 allowed to attend.