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Update: Official CBS Twitter DELETES 'Ready To Worship!' Message About Satanic Grammys

• by Kelen McBreen

Ahead of Sunday night's disturbing Satanic ritual performance by "non-binary" musician Sam Smith at the Grammys, the official CBS Twitter account said it was "ready to worship" the artist.

"This is going to be special," Sam Smith wrote on Twitter Sunday, along with a tongue emoji.

In response to this post, CBS wrote, "…you can say that again. We are ready to worship!"

The interaction seemed innocuous at the time but after Smith engaged in a literal Satanic song and dance routine while singing his hit "Unholy," the "worship" remark is extremely strange.

This year's Grammys aired on the CBS network, so it's likely whoever created the tweet was aware Smith's theme was going to be demonic.

Adding to the all-around oddness of the entire performance was the whole show being sponsored by Pfizer as the Big Pharma company's logo was shown to viewers with a burning hellscape in the background immediately after Smith's song.

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