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Messages in a Chinese Spy Balloon

•, Jeff Thompson

One of these spent some time floating over one of our nuclear ICBM fields in Montana before continuing its journey further south, where it then headed towards North Carolina before being shot down off the coast near Myrtle Beach.

At the moment, this is what we know:

China told us to "be calm" about it.

The US military originally refused to shoot the thing down. Even after having first spotted it over the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, over water.

It looks like the one that flew over Montana had the capability to be maneuvered. In short, it didn't just trust to the winds. Somebody was steering it. Floating over the ICBM fields was no accident.

A few massive planes weren't sent to follow the Montana spy balloon and collect data on it.

Canada was tracking another balloon.

When asked where the balloon was, Americans were told that "they could look up."

A third balloon has been spotted over Latin America.

There were also reports of a massive explosion over Montana shortly after the Chinese spy balloon passed over. The "authorities" were quick to point out that there, in fact, was no explosion and no plane wreckage was found nearby, so there clearly wasn't anything. [sarc] I trust the authorities. Over the past three years, they've repeatedly proved to be a source of nothing other than truth. You should trust them too.