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Secret Safes: How to Store Your Valuables in Plain Sight

•, Aden Tate

This is likely the reason that you've put money into camo ponchos for family members, why you try to live "gray" on a daily basis, and why you keep all of your food supplies out of sight when you have guests over.

It's because you understand the importance of camouflage.

Through past interactions with some people, I've learned that a lot of crime is crime of opportunity. Just the presence of something in view was too much temptation, and it resulted in somebody – if they didn't think they would be caught – committing a crime and stealing something.

To add to matters, when a lot of thieves go about stealing something after breaking and entering a house, their anxiety levels go through the roof. They want to get in, make a score, and then get out as fast as they can. What's in sight and valuable is what they grab real quick before heading out.

But if we can camouflage the things that are valuable, we can keep valuables in plain sight and protected.

Maybe it's great grandma's old jewelry, a bit of emergency cash you like to keep on hand, some Krugerrands, or a list of your passwords. Whatever it is, you want to better protect it.

You can make your own secret safes for all of this if you'd like, but there are commercially available options out there as well that you may find of interest.