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Why Preppers and Survivalists Prefer to Be the 'Gray Man' If the SHTF

•, By Milan Adams

A lot of attention in the community of preppers and survivalists is spent on self-defense and crime and home defense, since we know from other countries that have experienced economic collapse that crime skyrockets.

A term that you will hear that describes the favorite strategy of the more experienced preppers and survivalists is "Gray Man." This describes the technique of blending in to your background and being very unnoticeable.

While the younger, more inexperienced preppers and survivalists may brag about their guns, knives and self-defense strategies, it is far wiser to avoid a conflict than to have to be in a position to figure out how to come out on top.

The Gray Man never talks about his preps with people who are outside his immediate circle of trusted family and friends. He doesn't want to draw any attention to himself. While he may plan to be very generous and share supplies with others when the "Sewage Hits The Fan" (SHTF), he will ensure that it is on his terms. The last thing he wants is a bunch of people coming to him begging, or worse yet, demanding help.

The Gray Man plan isn't just employed from a "strategic" standpoint, but also a tactical standpoint. In everyday encounters after a crisis hits, the Gray Man plans to be very inconspicuous. He never wears the coolest, high-priced tactical gear, as that just attracts attention from the bad guys who are sure to notice and decide that he is a good target for expensive stuff to rob.