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ChatGPT: has artificial intelligence arrived, will it crush Google...

•, By Jo Nova

Another Great Disrupter?

What if you had access to an experimental Chatbot that could write your reports, debug your code, design your new ad campaign and answer all your questions? We are already using Google or some search engine to find links to these answers. But now an AI has been released that may disrupt all of that and a lot more.  ChatGPT was trained on text culled from the internet and it creates the answer live in seconds — it writes it out in a conversation with you, and in Python code, Norwegian, iambic pentameter, whatever you want. It can do birthday suggestions, business plans, eulogies, speeches — like a personal assistant with a copy of the entire World Wide Web in their temporal cortex.

Google, the dominant gatekeeper to the internet for 20 years, suddenly faces a "make or break" point. ChatGPT could wipe out its' business model and Google has issued a "Code Red". An extinction level event couldn't happen to a nicer company, but will ChatGPT be better?

It was launched on November 30th, and is taking off. Jorden Peterson asks, is this Gutenberg Press Level? It's engaging, wow.

Right now, it doesn't seem like the next generation Gutenberg breakthrough. It is surprisingly good with human sentences and appears to be wowing humanities professors. But in my short trial asking science questions rather than humanities ones, the conversation became like a self generating Wikipedia thread, because the internet is what it is today, and the AI "knows" boring politically correct things. Having said that, if I want IPCC type answers, this was much faster than Google, and faster than wading through IPCC Chapters. So it is a threat to Google, but not a threat to the IPCC. It is not speaking truth to power.