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'Clapping like seals': Tucker Carlson compares Congress applauding Ukrainian...


Tucker Carlson has likened the warm reception Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky received from Congress to applause commonly commanded by Josef Stalin, juxtaposing clips of the two leaders during an impassioned rant Thursday.

Criticizing the House of Representatives for 'clapping like seals' during the speech on Wednesday, Carlson laid into both Democrats and Republicans for blindly supporting Zelensky's call to stand up to Russian aggression.

Carlson's spiel - which aired on his eponymous program - came after the famously conservative commentator accused Zelensky Wednesday of dressing like a 'manager of a strip club demanding money' - ignoring the US' own border woes. 

The on-air tirade lasted more than 20 minutes, and saw Carlson, 53, compare the Ukrainian leader to the longtime boss of the Soviet Union, airing a clip of his last speech to Kremlin's Congress equivalent in 1952.

The brief snippet - which was shown directly after a clip of Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and hundreds of others frantically applauding Zelensky - showed a similar response to the Russian dictator, who put his own people in prison camps. In Stalin's Soviet Union, failure to applaud the leader would often be considered treason.