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Trust The Data, Not The Conveyors Of Deadly Misinformation!

•, By Joel S. Hirschhorn

Word is that Elton John is quitting Twitter because he doesn't want to support a platform that spreads COVID misinformation. This is ironic because Elton John himself is a major COVID misinformation spreader. 

Here is the big lie. Elton claims that vaccination works, but he shows no ability to show us the data. The actual data shows countries which vaccinate more have higher COVID and all-cause death rates than those countries which avoided or downplayed vaccination.

For nearly 3 years, government authorities have refused to engage in debate about COVID mitigation policies. That's the fundamental problem. No honest discussion of data. 

Data is what matters. Consider Japan as the example for following Elton John's advice because: 

1 - Japan is highly vaccinated and 

2 - They keep meticulously accurate death records. 

Japan obediently followed Elton John's pro-vaccine advice to a T and look what happened there: every time time there is a new COVID wave, more people die from COVID than in the last wave:

Also, it's not just COVID deaths. All-cause mortality in Japan is at record levels:

Of course, some people might argue that it is COVID variants, and not the vaccine, that is causing these excess deaths in Japan. 

Consider COVID deaths rates in countries with very low vaccination rates such as Yemen (2.6%) and Haiti (2.1%), which are the two lowest vaccinated countries on the NY Times map

Here's the stats page for Haiti which shows only 860 COVID deaths in a population of 11.54 million which is a total of 75 COVID deaths per million (d/M)