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These Are The Richest Billionaires In Each Country

• by Tyler Durden

 As Visual Capitalist's Carmen Ang notes, this tiny group of people is worth nearly $11.8 trillion - Equivalent to about 11.8% of global GDP.

Where do these billionaires live? This graphic by Truman Du uses data from Forbes to map out the richest billionaires around the world.

The Full List

As it turns out, billionaires are a lot more geographically concentrated than you might think.

In fact, of the 195 officially recognized countries around the world, only 76 are home to billionaires. And even within these countries, there's vast disparities between the quantity of billionaires.

Here's a breakdown of all the countries that have at least one billionaire. For countries with more than one, we've highlighted the billionaire with the highest net worth as of November 28, 2022:

Country/territory Name Net worth ($B) Main source of wealth (sector)
???????? Algeria Issad Rebrab 5.1 food
???????? Argentina Marcos Galperin 4.0 e-commerce
???????? Armenia Ruben Vardanyan 1.3 investment banking
???????? Australia Gina Rinehart 27.9 mining
???????? Austria Georg Stumpf 7.9 real estate, construction
???????? Bangladesh Muhammed Aziz Khan 1.0 power
???????? Barbados Rihanna 1.4 music, cosmetics
???????? Belgium Eric Wittouck 9.0 investments
???????? Belize Kenneth Dart 4.0 investments
???????? Brazil Jorge Paulo Lemann 15.6 beer
???????? Bulgaria Georgi & Kiril Domuschiev 1.9 animal health, investments
???????? Canada David Thomson 53.2 media