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Thank GOD For Elon Musk: Are The Rocks Crying Out

•, By Dave Daubenmire

This one is going to tick some folks off.

But that is alright.  My job is to deliver the mail.  Your reaction is not my concern.  I call them like I see them.  That's all I can do.

It is my experience that God never does things the way that we expect Him to.  In fact, He warned us that "My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor your ways my ways."  To paraphrase Frank Sinatra, God is going to do it HIS way.

I hope you are sitting down.

I thank God today for Kanye (Ye) West, and Elon Musk.  They seem to be a mixed bag.  Elon Musk, as far as I know, has never claimed to be a Believer.  On the contrary, many say he serves the dark side.

Ye is a self-proclaimed Christian.  Believe him or not…he claims Christ as his Savior…publicly…often.  Admittedly the way Ye practices his faith does not fit the mold of the average Evangelical.  But it is dangerous for any of us to judge another man's heart.

What did your Christianity look like when you first got saved?

The Bible is full of examples where God used fallible men.  I look in the mirror every day.

Heck, people tell me all the time that my version of Christianity is "too harsh…not loving enough…judgmental…divisive…" so I can relate.

America already has enough cookie-cutter Christians.