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The Economic Truth Report Episode 20: Monetary Scams Are Getting Exposed!

• The Economic Truth Report - Odysee

In this video John goes into the FTX scandal and why he has warned about this for almost s years. Not your keys, not your crypto!

He looks at one of history's biggest crypto exchange collapses and the lessons not learned from other failures! And he also looks at how celebrities promoting asset classes are a big warning sign, as George Gammon recently said.

He goes into the geopolitics surrounding the NATO/Russian war in Ukraine and how, behind the scenes, it looks like the powers at be are preparing to keep ties with Russia even though publicly Russia is Western enemy nbr 1.

He goes into the insanity of the sanctions and how badly they backfired on Western European nations. I it wasn't meant to be hurting the people and have them use less energy, the UN/WEF agenda played out quite well.

He also looks at the Nordstrom terror attack and how the official story points to dark ships while Russia cannot investigate the pipe Gazprom owns a majority share in.

He looks at how Zelenskyy got an Oscar, much like Newsome got an Emmy during Covid, and how it's a play being directed and run while we think there are good and bad sides to the insanity in Ukraine.

He goes into how the UK is entering a severe depression that will put prior ones to shame with high energy costs and people losing their jobs.

He explains how the US now has 63% of its population living paycheck to paycheck. While in Canada, people saw their most si drop in wealth in history.

He looks at how one of the top Hedge Fund CEOs is warning about impending hyperinflation and goes into how that might occur.

He looks at how the Swiss National Bank had its most significant loss in 115 years and how the impending Credit Swiss bubble is getting ever closer to failure.

He looks at how Wallstreet and the UN use nature as an asset class to enrich themselves while they claim to protect nature!

He goes into how the UN says over 50 countries are on the verge of bankruptcy due to high dollar and commodity prices.

He looks at why we have high energy prices and how Biden's puppetmasters are to blame for it.

He goes into how the German government is demolishing a wind park to expand a coal mine and how the ESG movement is crashlanding into mount Everest.

He goes into how governments are why so much food is getting destroyed worldwide while people are still starving.

He also looks at a WEF EXIT happening in local governments worldwide as people have exposed the WEF's agenda and how the government finds hidden NGO think tanks advising on insane prices.

He talks about Covid and Vaccine data issues.

He also talks about how the Norwegian government has one of the lowest ratings in history.

And last, he looks at AOC, the economist and breaks down if she is right about inflation or not!

This and much more.

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