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Stronger Together in Jesus

•, by Rolaant McKenzie

Shift used Puzzle, and even collaborated with soldiers from a foreign hostile nation, in his schemes to gain power and control over the other creatures of Narnia. But when the real Aslan appeared and defeated Shift, a band of dwarves who were deceived by Shift's false Aslan refused to believe in the genuine one and decided to go their own way. They had become so jaded that even when taken into Aslan's country (a symbol of heaven), they could only perceive themselves as being locked in a dark, smelly stable.

There are many who have reacted to being misled by a professing "Christian" or other religious organization preaching a different gospel (Galatians 1:6-9) in much the same way as most of the dwarves did in C.S. Lewis' story. Not wishing to be deceived again, they reject most churches as false and avoid association with any of them. They decide to worship and read God's word alone, foregoing fellowship with other believers.

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