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Once Americans Lose the Right To Bear Arms, They Will Never Regain It

• Ammoland

New York – -( The U.S. is the only truly free Constitutional Republic in existence. That is how the framers of the U.S. Constitution designed our Government.

Our Federal Government is the only one on Earth that exists solely to serve the interests of the American people. It has no other purpose. The Federal Government is answerable to and subordinate to the people. The American people are supreme sovereign over the Government. Once the people's servants fail to recognize and acknowledge these aforesaid facts and then forsake the interests of the people, the Government has descended into Tyranny.

The American people have no lawful duty to suffer Tyranny.

The Nation was founded on one singular precept, set forth in the Declaration of Independence. It is that our people are a free people and are ever to remain so, and as sole sovereign over their Government and each to him or herself, masters of their own fate, and the final arbiters and deciders of the Nation's destiny.

How Do Americans Exert Their Sovereignty Over A Government That Has Raised The Specter Of Tyranny?

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Losing the right to bear arms is a difficult thing to do. In court >>> Judge: "You are charged with carrying a gun after the 2nd Amendment was repealed. What say you?" Patriot: "It is not a gun. It might look like a gun, and could be used like a gun, but it is my private property, not a gun >>> based on 4th Amendment, right to private property; 1st Amendment, right to travel with my private property; 9th Amendment, my right by self determination of my rights. Further, I, man, NAME, require the court to provide my accuser on the stand so that I can question him/her regarding the injury (if any), and the proof that I was the one that did the injury."