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Hope … and Danger!

• News With Views - Steven Yates

By Steven Yates

October 28, 2022

Though I've written in support of a few foreign leaders who have emerged against globalism (here and here), activity on the home front these days gives me guarded hope!

The more I see and hear from Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, for example, the more impressed I am. She understands fully the damage the Bidenistas have done over the past 21 months. A quick rundown:

-roaring inflation that did not exist on January 21, 2021, including record high gas and other energy prices, and soaring food prices;

-a worse (and worsening) crime rate in all the big cities;

-chaos on the southern border, with illegal aliens bringing deadly drugs such as fentanyl into the country;

-overtures by cult-of-woke-infatuated "educators" to sexualize elementary-school children, encouraging them to question their "gender";

-critical race theory, also in "education" at every level;

-the increasingly dangerous foreign proxy war by puppet governments such as Kyiv against Russia (which did not start on Feb. 24!), as the U.S. pours tax dollars into Ukraine. Articles are now appearing in mainstream publications about the growing danger of the conflict escalating to where a nuclear exchange cannot be ruled out. (I would not put it past NATO to set off a "dirty bomb" somewhere inside one of the disputed regions and blame Putin);

-the Chinese Communist Party rattling its sabers against Taiwan as Xi, who is no dummy, grabs a third term;

-North Korea's resident psychopath Kim Jong-Un again testing missiles capable of reaching Japan and Guam.

Under Trump — until March 2020, anyway — some of these problems existed but were under control. There was minimal inflation by official measures. The border was mostly stable. Trump, unlike his predecessors, did not start any new foreign wars or singlehandedly destroy any foreign nations (as did Hillary Clinton when she was Barack Obama's Secretary of State).

African-American and Hispanic employment were at all-time highs!