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The End of Netflix Password Sharing Is Coming

• by Joan E. Solsman

Netflix is ratcheting up its efforts to get freeloading viewers to pay up and will start charging accounts for password sharing early next year, instituting a system that add fees to your plan for "extra member" subaccounts when people outside your household use your membership.  

The company didn't specify the price of these new fees when it confirmed the plan Tuesday. But this scheme is already being tested in a few Latin American countries and charges a fee for each extra member worth roughly one-quarter the price of a "standard" Netflix plan. 

If Netflix sticks to that practice, then each extra member subaccount in the US would cost between about $3.50 and $4. 

After years of being relatively laissez-faire about password sharing, Netflix started testing ways to get shared accounts to pay after recording its deepest subscriber losses ever earlier this year. In addition to the password-sharing fees, Netflix plans to launch cheaper subscriptions supported by advertising next month. 

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