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When It Comes to Conducting a War, the Kremlin Has Proven Its Incompetence

• Paul Craig Roberts

Putin thinks, or thought, that Russia and the West shared common values.  This shows how little Putin understands the West. The West is Washington, and the rest of the West are not independent countries but Washington's puppets. None of Washington's puppets represent their own citizens and neither does Washington. Washington's values are measured only in dominance and money.

Washington is concerned only with its political, military, and financial hegemony over everyone else, including its own people who are waking up in each successive day in an ever tightening police state where the US Constitution is erased bit by bit, day by day.

The FBI has become a Gestapo for the Democrat Party.  The Western media is a propaganda ministry for Washington. Truth that is inconsistent with the ruling official narratives is suppressed.  The government and its presstitutes feed the people lies and tell them it is truth.