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The Belgorod Nuclear Submarine Was Completely Off Our Radar. Shouldn't We Keep Track of That?

• Organic Prepper - Aden Tate

Do you remember those nuclear torpedoes Russia has that TOP covered some time ago? Well, it looks like six of them are "out there," and we had no idea where.

Within the past few days, NATO issued a warning that the Belgorod – the largest submarine built within the past 40 years and equipped with the Russian Poseidon Unmanned Underwater Vehicle – had disappeared from the Arctic Circle.

The Belgorod

The Belgorod. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

There is one main theory we've seen covered so far with where the Belgorod is going: it's heading to the Kara Sea, where it's preparing to test the Poseidon in the Arctic Circle.

Whether it is or isn't, this doesn't bode well.

Remember that the Poseidon creates a nuclear tsunami, with a wall of radioactive water 1600 feet high. Also, remember that the Poseidon travels so fast – 108 knots – that it's largely deemed to be unstoppable once it's released.

On October 5th, Naval News confirmed (with quite a bit of sarcasm) that the Belgorod was indeed in the Arctic, in the Barents Sea. However, they could not rule out whether or not the Belgorod was there to perform a nuclear test.

Isn't something this powerful a thing we should keep track of?