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Is Credit Suisse Going Bust?


Their credit default swaps, which reflect the chance of a company defaulting on their debt, have skyrocketed over the weekend.

CEO Ulrich Koerne sent a memo to staff late last week assuring them of the financial stability and capital reserves of the bank, though this has backfired and caused many to question the reasons for the memo.

While some are calling this a potential Lehman Brothers moment, so far Credit Suisse looks to be safe from that type of shock collapse.

After all the talk about the crashing British pound last week, it seems that the trouble in Europe doesn't end there. This week there's been a growing murmur of problems within one of the worlds largest investment banks, Credit Suisse.

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All the blab about bank problems has to do with one basic thing. Too many Big Corporations and attorneys have found out about what I talk about in the comments section here >>> They are 'blackmailing' the banks over it, and that's the reason why we have things like Quantum Easing (QE) where the money goes mostly to big corporations and governments. Bank people are simply 'buying' their freedom from the people who have found out legal stuff about the banking industry. Part of the 'buying their freedom' has to do with the credit that the Fed has given to governments to 'create' money anytime they want, for almost anything they want, including wars (the war of stealing the wealth of the US people and Ukraine, etc.). Wouldn't you like that kind of power? Check my comment in the Web address listed above. And get to the site listed there.