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How to Get Around During a Financial Crisis: Economic SHTF Transportation

•, Fabian Ommar

If I didn't believe in the possibility of TEOTWAWKI, I wouldn't be much of a prepper. But I don't think the crap will hit the fan in full force, at least not in the more developed countries, states, and cities. I could be wrong, of course, but so far, history is on my side (thankfully, I must add).

However, crap happens even when it doesn't hit the fan – and that's exactly what Thirdwoldization is. No matter what occurs, life won't return to how it was before 2020. The coming years will be difficult, and this will be an SHTF unto itself, particularly for populations used to high levels of comfort and convenience.

History always provides a lesson.
Whether the SHTF or not, the fact is the entire world is now experiencing a terrible economic downturn. People in the First World are starting to wake up to (and feel) that reality.

I've discussed the 1980s economic struggles in Brazil as well as the measures people took to maintain their standard of living. Jose from Venezuela also frequently offers practical guidance based on even worse situations that occurred in his country during the past ten years.