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Our Emperor Has No Brain

•, by Bill Rice Jr

Staying in office is clearly more important than doing the right thing and resigning...

I normally feel great sympathy for any person battling the terrible disease of dementia. However, in the case of President Biden, who the whole world knows is battling this affliction, the sentiment I feel is closer to disgust.

The reason my normal empathy is lacking is that President Biden himself must know he has this condition … and he won't acknowledge this and do what's best for the country and resign.

Not only does Present Biden know this so too does his wife and children. So too does every person who works in the White House. Indeed, it now must be a 24-hour operation for White House aides to write the teleprompter scripts and stage directions they must produce for President Biden.

The best (dark) comedy bit proving my conjecture occurred when White House aides dressed up a volunteer as the Easter Bunny and said Easter Bunny performed his assigned task of keeping our president away from reporters and Easter egg hunters.

What motivated me to write this column is the cringe-inducing moment that happened yesterday when President Biden (going off script) asked if a deceased Congress person was in the room.

We've all known people who are obviously losing their mental sharpness. I know several friends who are struggling with this condition right now. (In fact, I wonder if this "brain fog," at least in some people, might be an adverse reaction to the Covid "vaccines.")

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