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UN food chief warns of "chaos," "hell," "devastation" from FAMINE …

• Natural News - Mike Adams

(Natural News) Events are playing out like clockwork. Have you noticed that everything emerging on the world stage right now — food scarcity, inflation, energy crisis, escalating war, vaccine deaths and more — was predicted well in advance by Natural News, InfoWars and other indy media outlets? The only people surprised by all this are the oblivious masses who don't read indy media. For those who do, this is like following along with a Hollywood script that's playing out in real life.

The next chapter of this script looks like the following:

Widespread food scarcity hits Europe this winter and well into 2023 and beyond.

Food scarcity strikes America in 2023 and persists for years due to lack of fertilizer.

Governments initiate price controls on food items. This results in worsening scarcity and widespread civil unrest.

Governments then introduce rationing as a means of control, likely using covid-19 tracking tech and mobile phone apps that are repurposed for the purpose of implementing mass starvation.

Finally, governments criminalize preppers and start pushing stories of "hoarders" who are causing everybody else to starve.

In other words, watch as Europe becomes Venezuela, followed by America becoming Venezuela. This is going to get interesting… (see for dedicated news coverage on food and energy scarcity)