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What Is the Best Vehicle for the Apocalypse?

• Organic Prepper

The apocalypse could look like a number of things. It could come in the form of nuclear war, societal collapse, or a new contagion. Regardless of the scenario, the surviving humans need to be able to navigate the stressed landscape with efficiency and safety.

When determining what is the best vehicle for the apocalypse, all have their pros and cons – the key is adaptability and knowing your survival plan.

For this article, we're going to look at the ideal. If you could pull out a apocalypse vehicle Christmas catalog, this would be it.

These are great vehicles for traversing difficult terrain:

Maybe your hideaway is on a small island surrounded by a large lake or tucked away in the mountains so nobody can compromise your stocks. Traversing rugged terrain will undoubtedly be necessary for some in the apocalypse trying to escape the potential quarrels in populated areas on the ground.

There are vehicles like the Sherp ATV and Gibbs Quadski Amphibious Quad for water. The Sherp only puts out 44 horsepower and 25 mph – however, it can go around 4 mph in the water. Its massive 63-inch tires can also tackle other intense terrains like dunes and snow.

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