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'Smart living city' planned for development in Winslow

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By L. Parsons

Winslow is taking a giant leap into the future with an anticipated "smart living city" development by World Homes Initiative (WHI) and its partner companies. The proposal is to bring thousands of new homes to the city built with technology-based infrastructure, industry with high paying jobs, and a communal society based on self-reliance, agricultural development, onsite utilities and economic opportunities all within the next five years.

Last week Winslow citizens and leaders attended a Winslow City Council work session and another public meeting later in the week to hear presentations from WHI. President and Founder Charles Hedensten explained that a smart living city is one in which the community is self-sustaining. That includes implementing technologies and philosophies in manufacturing, education, housing, water, soil, food production and more.

To make the transformation, WHI has partnered with many technology giants, construction and contracting professionals, engineers, designers and inventors. The group has already purchased 1,200 acres in the Winslow industrial complex just south of the town and plans to build its first homes in the next six to 12 months. Other land purchases will be private land located north of I-40 and to the east of the city.