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Biden's America Last Policies Are Killing Americans...

•, By Susan Duclos

With America "Last" becoming synonymous with the Biden regime's national policies, we look at two separate storylines happening right now in America which provides ample evidence of Democrats' deliberate destruction of our nation.

The two issues listed below encapsulates the priorities of the Biden regime and Democrats. Those that would say Biden is too dementia-ridden to be the driving force behind this effort to "transform" America into a third-world nation, but he is the public face of the Democrat party, so everything his handlers and regime does, he is the figurehead for.

The Headlines: 

Issue #1: Nearly 5 Million Illegal Immigrants Crossed Border During Biden Administration

Issue #2Census Bureau: 3.8 million renters will likely be evicted in the next two months

Both headlines were from late August 2020, but the 3.8 million number of Americans expecting to become homeless over the next two months, does not include those that have already become homeless since Biden started occupying the White House.

Lets provide some context of why these two issues are being combined here to show the America last mindset of Biden, his handlers and Democrats across the spectrum.