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#258: Where Did All The People Go?

• - Macroaggressions

This is the most disturbing episode of Macroaggressions so far, and that is really saying something. We have been forced to look into the future to see where this planet is heading and the results are nothing short of apocalyptic.

The COVID-19 vaccination experiment has lit a 10-year-long fuse on the population of the world, the results of which are already becoming impossible for the media to deny and the world to ignore. People are dying from the shot. That is undeniable and no longer able to be shrugged off as just "conspiracy theory" by a bunch of anti-vaxxers.

What happens when we expand the timeframe and look several years into the future to see when the long-term side effects kick in and hundreds of millions of people start dying all over the globe? We explore the ramifications of what happens when the cure is worse than the disease.