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If the Power Grid Goes Down, It Will Be Much Worse Than People Can Imagine

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"Every transfer point for the power grid and fuel, and even water has been identified years ago....generation plants, dams, pipelines- you name it. There must be sleepers in every state, and now the borders are basically down. At time of war ..conventional war- the entire grid will collapse and daily life will be miserable. ..just take your mind back to America in the teens and. 20s....but low on fuel, power and supplies- and that pretty well paints the picture."

Here is my response:

You are 100% correct (blank). This fact of the critical points being targeted has not been considered by the average citizen. This is a subject I have not written on because I didn't want to give any extremists "ideas". Americans must not be involved in any way in harming our infrastructure.

But as I see it, the collapse of the infrastructure by an enemy is all too easy for sleeper cells. It will take a year to recover the power grid, if there is stabilization. If not, it could take even longer. Imagine what the nation will look like after a year of no power, no consistent distribution of food, and no steady jobs. Millions would die from the chaos, anarchy, and starvation.

It is this national emergency reality I've tried to convey to people, without scaring them into a panic. But even with leaving out many of the details, the people reject the concept as nothing more than fanciful exaggerations. The truth is, the reality is much worse than I have described in my writings. (unquote)

There you have it. Prepare as if your lives depend on it, because it does. George Eaton 

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Comment by Mic
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The ugly truth is; that after 6 months of no power, power will never be restored. The Chaos, the lack of food and clean water, the rioting and general Anarchy, the rampant disease and deaths, will disperse the qualified personnel and destroy or otherwise stop the replacement equipment from arriving, so that the project of restoration can never be finished. After Katrina, the street gangs were said to have attacked police and rescue teams and cleanup personnel, as they preferred the chaos. It allowed them to operate freely without government control. This would create a similar result, but on a National scale. These types of things are not considered or planned for, by the people who say it might take a year to fix, they would be right under normal circumstances but not under these circumstances.

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