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Tesla Battery Damage? I Ran Over A Metal Bucket

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I ran over a metal bucket in my Tesla, and it made a bit of a frightening sound. It scraped along the underbody, and there was a loud crack as it exited. What happened, and how much will it cost? In this video, we'll look at the damage caused, how much repairs cost, and go over my latest service visit to Tesla, which included:

- Wheel and tire inspection.

- Upper control arm lubrication.

- Wire harness inspection.

- Rear spoiler re-install.

- Underbody damage.

- Air filter & evaporator cleaner.

- Steering column rattle.

I'll also provide a long-term review of the car, as I've owned it for four years now. We'll talk about the main things I like, and the main things I don't like, going over features like acceleration, handling, sentry-mode, camp-mode, range, autopilot, touch-based infotainment, and the finicky windshield wipers.