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Quiet Quitting, Are You Doing Only What's Necessary at Work and No More?

•, By Mish

A 17 second TikTok video on Quite Quitting has amassed over 480,000 likes. I played it and thought "really?"

Zoomers and the Extra Mile

The Wall Street Journal comments If Your Co-Workers Are 'Quiet Quitting,' Here's What That Means

The phrase is generating millions of views on TikTok as some young professionals reject the idea of going above and beyond in their careers, labeling their lesser enthusiasm a form of "quitting."

Of course, every generation enters the workforce and quickly realizes that having a job isn't all fun and games. 

The difference now is that this group has TikTok and hashtags to emote. And these 20-somethings joined the working world during the Covid-19 pandemic, with all of its dislocating effects, including blurred boundaries between work and life. Many workers say they feel they have power to push back in the current strong labor market. Recent data from Gallup shows employee engagement is declining.

Across generations, U.S. employee engagement is falling, according to survey data from Gallup, but Gen Z and younger millennials, born in 1989 and after, reported the lowest engagement of all during the first quarter at 31%.