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Intermittent fasting trial sees weight loss benefits, but questions remain

•, By Rich Haridy

One common form of intermittent fasting involves limiting food intake to a small stretch of time in any 24-hour period. So for example, the 16:8 method involves only eating across an eight-hour window every day, such as 8am to 4pm.

Over the last few years a decent body of research has accumulated, investigating the benefits and limitations of this way of eating. Some studies have found time-restricted feeding can be an effective weight loss tool while others have found it no more helpful at dropping the pounds than simple calorie counting.

Earlier this year one of the longest trials ever conducted on the dietary practice concluded the majority of weight loss associated with time-restricted feeding can be attributed to a simple reduction in overall calorie intake, and not any particular metabolic mechanism associated with the intermittent fasting strategy.