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The sight of Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan – fully Face Diapered, along with her entourage of Sickness Kabuki Players – is almost as risible as the nasal sound of Anthony Fauci's voice whining about how awful it is that Americans won't "adhere" to his counsel regarding "public health measures."

Is there any better barometer of the Failed State of these United States?

Either the "leadership" cadre is almost unimaginably stupid – and bullheaded, which is a peripheral characteristic of the very stupid – or they are almost unimaginably evil, as this column has suggested previously.

At this point, the only people who wear "masks" by choice are very stupid people, possibly rendered so by a near-three-year pounding of stupidity, via such as Anthony Fauci – a medical doctor who continues to urge people to wear them, despite the fact that he has got to know better.

Unless, of course, he is almost unimaginably stupid – or too stupidly stubborn to admit he was wrong and should have known better.

This latter may be explanatory. The almost unimaginable arrogance that burns behind those rat-like eyes will not suffer being humbled, especially by himself. In his eyes, to admit he erred – about anything – would be to allow for the possibility of error and such titans of The Science – as they see themselves – would probably rather die than allow for that, for they perceive – correctly – that to allow for it would call into question their omniscience and thus, our obligation to be unquestioningly obedient.

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