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America Is Intentionally Being Destroyed by Organized Divisiveness

• Paul Craig Roberts

The film makers do not realize the irony of the setting, which is Dahomey, a black kingdom that conducted slave wars against other blacks and was the font of the slave trade. Almost every black slave brought to the Caribbean and to the English colonies in North America was a person sold into slavery by the black king of Dahomey. The female warriors in the movie declare that freedom is worth fighting for but in actual fact Dahomey fought to make money by enslaving black Africans.

Today Dahomey is known as Benin. On the beach at Ouidah there is a contemporary monument, the Gate of no Return, commemorating the lives of the Africans captured by the black Kingdom of Dahomey and sold to Arabs and Europeans as slaves or traded for firearms.

What might be the real purpose of this film? Could it be to brew more black hatred of whites and to justify this hatred and spread in into the black American female population, fostering the idea that just as in the movie, they also can violently throw off white oppression?

Or is a purpose to further bury Dahomey as the font of the slave trade and the source of black slaves? The official narrative in "black studies" and the 1619 Project is that blacks were enslaved by whites. As far as I know, no black was ever enslaved by a white. When Arabs and white Europeans purchased slaves, they purchased blacks who were already enslaved by the black kingdom of Dahomey.