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When Venezuela Starved, Fruit Helped Keep Us Alive

• Organic Prepper - J G Martinez

Venezuela has already made it through a time of food scarcity. In a way, we know what to expect with what is coming next. Just how did we survive? What did we do? While there weren't any secrets, one of the things that did help us out a lot was fruit.

We live in very verdant territory, where trees can grow without too much effort. We all increased our fruit consumption exponentially as a result. One of the most abundant fruits in Venezuela is the mango, which played a crucial role. The mango helped to keep us from starvation.


In countries where fair weather allows for a lusty growing of plantains and bananas, people consume them almost daily. For example, dinner is prepared by slicing a ripe plantain, frying it (yes, in a pan, with oil, like a potato), and adding ground white cheese.