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Green Beret Tips on Land Navigation

• Organic Prepper - Jeremiah Johnson

It seems as if 99% of humans have grown a new appendage: the cellular telephone. The happy cell phone is almost indispensable for most and even provides GPS coordinates complete with maps, robotic voice instructions, etc. These make land navigation a cinch, right?

The user enters their location, then the destination, and bingo! Point A to Point B plotted and calculated, with rest stops and great places to shop with their debit cards listed along the way. A perfect world, right?

Here's the other part of that scenario:

Suddenly, the car loses power, slowing to a crawl and then coming to a stop. The phone screens go dark. Mr. and Mrs. Happyfamily stare at one another, and the kids' computer movie screen in the back goes out. A glow akin to a second sunrise is seen shimmering across the clouds.

No, it's not an area of "no service" or a power surge. An EMP, an electromagnetic pulse, as just been detonated over the continental U.S. The missiles will soon follow the EMP. The cell phone era will have officially come to a close.

Some may attribute such to "fearmongering," but take a look around you…

Everything else warned about on virtually every single platform – all of the sites, the blogs – it's all coming to pass. Those formerly labeled "crackpot conspiracy theorists" (a moniker created, by the way, by our "government" to marginalize dissenting views) are, in essence, correct and accurate.

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