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America Has Been Overthrown, the Border is Down, And WW3 Has Begun Between Russia-

• by GeorgeEaton

There is a new term for illegal aliens, now they call them "global warming refugees". It is just another lie to justify the orchestrated destruction of a free society. We are now living in an overthrown nation, and the propaganda we're hearing is nothing more than fabricated falsehoods to deceive and mislead the people. A new type of government is being formed as they dismantle the one we used to have.

People often ask what the term "the great reset" really means. That meaning has never been fully described to us yet. It could mean whatever they want it to mean. But it came out of the 2 years of a manufactured pandemic. And they expected millions to die, then they would "reset" the world according to their socialist plans and future agenda – and then "build back better".

Depopulation and reshaping borders are all part of that plan. To redraw borders means to take over that country and to overthrow the existing government and replace it with a new government - and if we complain we are racists and xenophobic.

There is no global warming crisis. What we are seeing is the creation of propaganda to fit the narrative they are promoting, which is to create a new world order. The result is, they come up with the words and phrases to match their agenda. This is a global revolution and our nation and culture are the victims of that attack.

In the news today there's been a hearing on the so-called insurrection of Jan. 6th. They are now saying that Trump was taking part in a coup against the constitutionally elected next president. Dick Cheney's daughter is leading the panel. This is as big as Watergate now, and it will greatly affect the midterm elections in favor of the democrats.
They are blowing it way out of proportion and making Trump out to be a dictator that called for the lynching of vice president Pence. Even Trump's daughter testified against him. They aren't even facing the reality of the fake votes in all the key states, and instead are focused only on Jan. 6 and the so called "insurrection", which was without guns, and fomented by undercover government agents. It's funny how these facts seem to escape the coverage of the news media.