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Sean MacTira of Graywolf Survival Knows How to Keep You Alive

•, Aden Tate

People are attempting to rebuild, but you're having a difficult time being burned on your barter transactions. You don't know who is telling the truth, and it's causing you to be taken advantage of over and over again as you barter away eggs for a sloppy product in return.

You need to know how to tell if people are telling you the truth, and you need to know some of the tricks of the trade of barter that will help you to get what you so desperately need.

I've spent a little bit of time in places where barter was the modus operandi in daily life at the marketplace – and I hated it. Just let me walk into the store, see the price sticker, slap down my cash, and be out of there.

I don't want to haggle with an old lady for a watch (or anything else, for that matter).

Though I'm slowly growing out of it, it was because of this long-seated hatred for haggling that I began to look into all the sources I could find that would help me to feel like I was better at it. I always felt like either I was getting ripped off or I was being a jerk to the seller – every time – and I was tired of this. I read The Art of the Deal and talked to some other people about what they did in those situations, all of which helped.