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Mattel Introduces "Pregnant Ken" Barbie Doll: Satire


A hilarious new video from the satirists at the Babylon Bee envisions what a promo for the new doll might look like in a leftist-run world where men can have babies and the term "woman" is undefinable.

"New from Mattel," the fake ad starts. "Barbie's boyfriend is getting a much needed and way more inclusive makeover."

"Introducing pregnant Ken! He's a man. He's definitely male and not a lady. His belly lets you know he's pregnant – and his beard lets you know he's a man."

"Because men can get pregnant just like women – in fact there's no definition of women. We literally have no idea what a woman is," the ad continues.

Hopefully a pregnant Ken doll doesn't actually come to fruition, as The Babylon Bee is notorious for penning satire that further down the road unfortunately turns out to be true.