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State Farm Terminates Program to Give 5-Year Old Children Books about Transgenderism


Consumers' Research launched a campaign against State Farm because the program is "intentionally trying target kindergartners for discussion around transgender issues, sexual identity issues, without notifying their parents, without their consent, and specifically targeting them in the public schools." The news upset many of State Farm's customers. Many State Farm agents also disagreed with the program. The insurance giant has now ended their partnership with The GenderCool Project according to an internal email. State Farm acknowledged that conversations with children about gender and identity are not the business of the schools.

Like a good neighbor, State Farm is—distributing LGBTQ literature to children? A whistleblower has leaked emails to Consumers' Research detailing State Farm's newest initiative with the GenderCool Project, which aims to put a three-book collection on transgenderism and sexuality in the hands of children as young as five years old. The GenderCool collection contains one book on "being transgender," one on "being inclusive," and one on "being non-binary," reports the National Review.

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