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World Government Summit:

• by Lance D Johnson

The World Government Summit recently disclosed new details on the creation of a centralized, programmable digital currency. The Biden regime is now experimenting with a U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) on a "multi-country experimental" basis. A totalitarian "new world order" is being normalized; compliance is being financially rewarded.

Covid-19 propaganda and unlawful mandates did not solve infectious disease, respiratory illness, medical error or immunodeficiency. In fact, these problems only worsened over the past two years, as governments instilled mass formation psychosis, suspending civil liberties and the rule of law. But these acts of subjugation and abuse were never intended to improve anything – not treatments, not the quality of life, nothing. Instead, covid-19 mandates have conditioned populations to accept totalitarian control over their lives. The collective subconscious is now adapted to a world that is less free – a world that is more submissive to fraudulent powers and false authorities. This is a necessary step to implement a "great reset" or a "new world order."