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When You Die: Burial, Cremation Or… Composting?


One wife decided to share her composted husband with their friends: "A lot of people got a little piece of him." When you spread the compost on your vegetable garden, you can tell your dinner guests that the lettuce is literally courtesy of uncle Milt. ? TN Editor
When we die, we're faced with two routes through which we can depart the earthly realm: Burial or cremation.

But what if there was another way, one that was better for the environment and left our loved ones with a piece of us to take home?

That's where human composting comes in – a new trend in which bodies are turned into soil over the course of several weeks.

Washington-based Recompose was the first company in the world to offer the practice when it opened its doors in December 2020.

Now an American schoolteacher has shared why her late husband chose to hand his remains to the firm following his eight-year battle with cancer.

Speaking to The Sun, Jenifer Bliss explained that larger-than-life farmer Amigo Bob Cantisano had a special connection with the planet.

"When we picked up his compost, and I touched the soil that remained of him, a profound sense of peace came over me," Jenifer, 57, said.