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Dr. David Martin Files Lawsuit Against Joe Biden

•, Dr. David Martin

Martin described the multi-step lawsuits that establish that Covid mRNA vaccines are not vaccines, but are gene therapy, and it aims to stop coercion of individuals to take gene therapy treatments. The first lawsuit gives rise to the other lawsuits that end in the discovery of criminal conspiracy. The government's responses to discovery will be an admission of the next crime, and the next crime. The goal is to get felony convictions for the perpetrators of this crime so that the immunity shield falls away from the manufactures and all of the injuries and all of the deaths from the injection become civil liabilities to the manufacturers.

During a recent interview Dr David E. Martin discussed a federal lawsuit filed on 3 March in Utah against: Joe Biden; the director of the Health and Human Services ("HHS"); the Medicare and Medicaid directors; and, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ("CMS") Mandate directors.