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Simple Counting Shows China Cannot Successfully Invade Taiwan

• Next Big Future - Brian Wang

China can transport about 40,000 troops in the first day for an invasion of Taiwan. IF none of the ships and helicopters and planes are shot down while crossing 100 miles of open water. If 40,000 troops could make it onto Taiwan, the Chinese troops would be outnumbered 4 to 1.

Nextbigfuture has already gone over why China cannot have a successful military invasion of Taiwan. The points all still hold and are even stronger today.

Reviewing the details is needed because there are idiots who handwave and make unfounded assertions that China can take Taiwan militarily. They also do not factor that Taiwan has Taiwan Semiconductor. 90% of the World's advanced chips come from Taiwan Semiconductor. The Auto chip shortage which caused $200 billion in lost car revenue was caused by a 10% shortage in 12-30 year old chips. Apple, Nvidia and all the other tech companies would get on the phone to tell their political servants that any disruption of Taiwan Semiconductor is unacceptable. Big Tech and Big Money would order the politicians and military to stop the disruption. Anyone who has been paying attention the last few decades would know that the politicians and military would obey.