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U.S. Ammo Sales Up 166% in the Two Weeks Following Russia's Invasion of Ukraine

•, By Brian Miller

This occurred shortly after the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, declared the separatist states of Donbas and Lugansk independent from Ukrainian control and sent his army in to "keep the peace" the day before.

Here at, sales have surged for the last two weeks, starting with the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th:

166% increase in revenue
110% increase in transactions
59% increase in site traffic
31% increase in conversion rate
27% increase in average order value
State-by-State Breakdown of Ammo Sale Increases Due to Russia-Ukrainian War
The table below lists the top 10 states by total sales volume from February 24th until March 10th, and their corresponding percentage increase in sales volume when compared to the previous time period.

State Ranking by Sales Volume displays the total sales volume (how much was ordered in United States dollars) on a state-by-state basis in column one. Column two shows how much sales have increased percentage-wise to that particular state since February 24th. Only states to which we sell are shown.
Most Popular Caliber by Sales Volume displays the most popular caliber based on sales volume in that state in column three, as well as the increase for that caliber by state since February 24th. Columns five and seven display the second and third most popular calibers based on sales volume in that state; columns six and eight display how much the sale of those particular calibers has increased on a percentage basis.
Scroll down for a comprehensive breakdown of the effect Russia's invasion of Ukraine has had on our recent sales from February 24th until March 10th.